Finding Rachel in this world is not that hard…. Everyone has had crush on one at some point in life.
Those typical gorgeous girls with all trendy things on them and who are popular in society. Who are a bit dumb and still know how to make this dumbness look cute. They are everywhere.


But I don’t want one of them. I want my own Monica, Someone who is actually a bit out of my league.. Beautiful… but uniquely beautiful… not the Rachel types..


She would understand my weakness my crazy jokes, obsessions. She doesn’t has to have the same obsessions. She can openly hate them but still like me for what I am. Someone who knows how to help me out in different awkward/emotional/embarrassing situations/times. But also knows how to make me do things on my own…
Someone who knows I am not the best person she would have ended up with. There would have been someone better but she still wants it to happen. Someone with whom its always perfect..

I recently heard something… Which perfectly described what I want to say…

There is a perfect 100 for everyone… Not 95 not 105… A perfect 100…

I am happy that know my perfect 100…

But I am not lucky enough…

But I believe in a German saying…

Was nicht ist, Kann noch werden

( What isn’t, doesn’t mean it won’t…. )

Dear (I really wanna put something like a******) GOD (If you are a real thing),

Kindly stop causing injuries to good footballers…. Its world cup time.
And if you planning some prank by injuring all these talented players then it neither funny nor good.

There are people like me out there who don’t have anything other than football to call as our only love… All thanks to you obviously! (That was sarcasm in case you are dumb)
So if you are planning to ruin that for us then Surely either you don’t exist or you don’t deserve to have the power to control the universe so I suggest you just resign.Because there are people like me who are not really having good times so when we are done going through the bad day that you have put in front of us all we do is just go to games or turn on some sports channel or youtube so that we can watch the beautiful game to forget all the bullshit we had to face whole day and relax and gain some motivation to live another bad day..

So here is basically what World cup means to people like me,

No matter how much we are against International games but once in four years we really forget all our domestic rivalries (Well to some extent) and come together to cheer for country we support (Also I am not fortunate enough to have my own beloved motherland in the world cup).Because its one of the platforms where some of our dream combinations play in reality… So in a way almost whole world unites for this one event on the earth…

People forget all good and bad things, celebrate when someone else scores (believe me that happens rarely)

People who are busy gossiping about others all time actually cry for someone else’s loss (This is even more rare)

Isn’t this really a good thing?

Because you are the one who is generally responsible for dividing humans by creating us of different faiths,colors,IQ levels….

But football brings us all together…

So Football >>>>> you!

So you better abort this “Ruin the World Cup 2014 mission” ASAP…
Because that is really uncool and cruel….

I have been at my best at being kind and have not used really bad language as much as possible….

So you better stop this right now or just rot in hell….

Not so favorite Creation! 

P.S. :

Maybe I am not really a good guy in your and people’s eyes, But here is a list of people who have either worked really hard for this world cup or suffered a lot and deserve a good world cup to cheer them up…

Players injured out of #WorldCup
El Sharawy

So cure them & get them outta injuries real soon…

The world cup in Brazil hasn’t really been a great thing for people of the country itself many people died while building the stadiums, Many are not happy with the WC itself…

There are lots of poor counties in the World cup…
So people living in them probably have suffered more than people like me so they deserve a chance to enjoy a bit. cherish every goal & win….

So not for me, at least for them, Please no more injuries!

Football… The game I love…. The game that has made me cry, jump, dance, swear…. The game that has taught me a lot about world and about life.. Given my anger and happiness a platform to come out…. Has been a catalyst in many great friendships I have made…

I have become so obsessed with the beautiful game that I look at things around me in a footballing way! Its helpful sometimes, sometimes fun too….

So here is story from my life through my footballing mind!….

Having to take a drop from academics last year was like a relegation from top division to minor league…Just the difference was going into minor league means you leave your Rivals behind… I had to leave my friends behind!

Anyways… The new season has to arrive…Just like new rivalries come in for the old ones… Eventually New friends happened…. And the New season became as exciting as old ones….

Somewhere in the middle of the exciting season, While trying to kill time in an rather boring lecture…. My scouting eyes stopped on certain someone… I was amused… The last time I was this amused was when Ibrahimovic scored that bicycle kick from about 30 yards out.

The scout who spotted Messi/Ronaldo for the first time must have felt the same way, I felt that time…

“Yes! Thats the one…!” must have been his reaction, right?

The reaction was same, the feeling was same… but the amazing footballing abilities were replaced by an amazing smile and a beautiful face…

But this can not be the adequate information to claim some to be “The One”… So with time my scouting became more and more deeper! The urge to know more about her turned me crazy…
Every lecture turned into a scouting session and I turned so crazy that like a desperate defender who makes bold tackles in the dying minutes of the game without thinking about the potential risk of getting sent off, though for me it was not even a start of anything I used to end up staring at the chosen one, The mind understood the risk but Football and love are the things that turn you desperate for scoring! (Though it wasn’t love yet… but it does…)

So There I was just like a young budding football player waiting to be spotted by big clubs, trying his best in every possible way to get noticed, was looking for that one moment to get noticed and for a chance to interact a little…

For a long time the moment didn’t come, I lost hopes of anything to happen and out of nowhere… in a very unexpected manner the ball ended up near my feet….

It was a certain 2 day event in another college… Out off my friends, I was the only one to register for 2 days…. The day one tuned out to be very boring…. So I was the subject of jokes in the group…
Being the only one who had to attend the day 2 from my group was like being a team who has to be satisfied with a draw in FA cup at home and has to play an away game later…

But for me the away game, day two of the event turned out to be a golden opportunity… The moment I thought would never come…

Apparently She had also registered for both the days… Before this day we had never even talked and I was pretty sure I was the bad guy for her due to my staring habits…
But that day somehow she talked to me… Rather things happened in a way that from strangers we turned into two people who would at least add each other on Facebook as friends….
A certain incidence that day made her more amazing in my eyes… A part of how beautiful soul she has got was revealed, when she helped me with my lunch without me asking for it….
So indeed I won this away game…. Even later one day she admitted that this event was the point when she got to know me little better…. So Winning this game meant next round for me…

A new game was about to begin…

That day after the event, I was almost singing on my way home…
Was really excited for my next day in college… because at the event she had asked me for some assignments. Another chance to score… And this time opponent himself had passed the ball to me…

I went to my department on the fourth floor of the building bit quicker than usual… And as I was passing by the corridor…. The first person I saw was Her…. The things were happening in most unexpected way….By the time I could realize what was happening, She had seen me and A beautiful smile was already there to greet me… The game had just begun and before I could realize I had lost the possession and with that smile I had already conceded a goal…. After all the smile that I liked for so many days was for the first time addressed to me…. She had won it… The score was 1-0 to her….

Eventually the friendship became better.. my assignments played a big role in that… After all I had a reason to complete assignments faster….
So with assignments and little other helpings I was trying to build my game… but Have to admit the smile had so much power that keeping possession wasn’t easy! But eventually I got used to it….

But while talking to her another of the destructive weapon she possessed was revealed…. The cute voice… I don’t know if cute is the right adjective for voice… but thats what I find cute…
The next time she scored was on dussera (Indian festival)…. The day she called me….
Those 77 seconds were enough to create a hole in my hearts defense and let her score…. It must be something like 25-30 minutes into the game and the ball had already kissed my net twice…

So there I started to take it bit slowly… the touch and pass way! Not trying to be aggressive… Being more patient…. Waiting for my moment…
Due to submissions and upcoming exams, We hardly talked… I stopped making any efforts…

My strategy was working well… Everything was finr until a day before her birthday!
I had seen her birth date on FB but somehow noted the earlier day in my mind and wished her a day earlier…. I had almost lost the possession again…. It was around 40 minutes into the game…. our friendship was fine now…Tikki Takka was working…

But still I was trailing by 2 goals! on the night of her actual birthday, I decided to take a risky step. A very unusual and out of box plan was cooking in my mind… Either I was going to score or was going to lose possession forever… but as I said, Football and love make you desperate…

I turned to my newly found weapon….. Blogging… I was still new at this but I decided to put my feelings in words on my Blog… And tell everything honestly… from staring at her to how much I liked her and try to justify my behavior… It was indeed a gamble… but I took it and wrote a blog…
But was not sure about sending it to her… so I continued with Tikki Takka… but this time it was more closer to the box waiting for right moment to put a cross inside the box…

Meanwhile my exam ended and I started working on my German competitions… The most exciting was the skit competition as I was writing the script!
I was totally into the skit thing so sending the blog was not in my priority list…

But one day a friend advised me to send it… His point was if i had written it so well why not let her at least read it? So I decided I will send it if my skit wins the prize! and we won 1st prize! We were the winners… I will never forget that day… For someone like me, A team that has been relegated to lower league, it was a moment to cherish after a long time…

So the next day, Very first thing I did in the morning was to send her the link!… The cross had been put into the box! now it was time to wait and pray…. and no reply came the whole day! I had no hopes of any reply…. Why would she read it?
But she did…. Ball landed in the right place….

Annnnndddd…. She liked it….. So it was a Gooooooooooooal……! My gambling paid off….
Now the score was 2-1…..The game turned into an interesting one…

This was the end of 1st half!

Time for Half time talk…. in reality it was time for a little introspection to decide what now?

I had made a come back…..My risky strategy worked….

But I just started thinking…. where was this game going? Where was this gonna end… in whose favor?
What result was I looking for?

A loss? definitely not!

A win? probably that is what I should be looking for! but this isn’t actually a game of football… Its Relationship!
So Me winning means she loses! And I don’t want that either….! I cannot see her sad… Let alone being the reason behind that sadness! so will this victory really matter?

How about a draw? Isn’t that the perfect way to describe a relationship?
We both played…. We both enjoyed… Somewhere she scored, so did I at some point…. Isn’t it similar to Making each other happy? Isn’t that joy as amazing as scoring a goal?

So there was the answer to my question! Yes! I wanted a draw! So now on I will be playing for a draw!

The second half began….

The blog had turned out to be more magical than expected…. The Facebook chats became everyday thing…. My facebook chat status became green after ages….

We were talking and sharing a lot… The parts of her beautiful soul, her nice personality were unfolding in front of me everyday….

I had the possession of the ball better than firrst half… My mantra was still Tikki-Takka….

But once you have possession for sometime, it becomes harder to tell your mind not to be aggressive…
And thats exactly what was happening! I wanted to take a shot again…..but the defense was very tight…

And one day suddenly messages stopped…. That made me worry a bit… Even my calls were not answered… more tension… I understood I had lost the possession…. So I decided to go back to being defensive because I was still 1 goal behind….

I stopped messaging…. two days passed without any contact… Now It was her time to respond…. and…. this worked…. The opponent defense melt down on day 3…..

I woke up to her message…. She had definitely missed talking to me! The ball stucked the right corner! 2-2 it was! Time was 60 minutes into the game! now I just needed to hold on… This was perfect score!

College again kept us busy! I wrote another post to keep as back up if I had to score again….

So I was again passing the ball around near her box… waiting for the final whistle!

Month of February arrived bringing with it the preparation of college events! The best time of the year in college!….
I got a chance to be co-head for certain event! This brought a chance for me…. I asked her to join my team for the event! her earlier answer was no…. I didn’t take it seriously because I was happy with current position! and forcing it would have meant losing possession! The game had reached the final 15 minutes!

somewhere mind was telling me to take a step as V-Day was coming…

Something else happened in meantime, I was looking for team members for the event and had not managed a single one….
And one day while looking for some, I saw her name in the list of interested people!!!

Damn! She scored again… This girl always did something that made me happy… those small things always made difference… maybe it was all unintentional, but it pleased me all the time…

so at 82-83 minutes I again conceded…. 3-2….

Now I had to make a move…. no time for tikki takka….
So I just did it and asked her to be my Valentine 3 days prior!

I got a shocking reply….. “I am already committed!” dunno how it never came out in previous talks!
And the 90 minutes passed!  The game was gone….

And the extra time started… I am no Sir Alex Ferguson to make miracles in those dying minutes!

I thought next day was gonna be hell plus we also had to start working for the event… The time I had thought would be best time was gonna be worst… it was gonna turn into awkwardness!

But as I said… She just pleases me in one way or other…
I was greeted by the same smile…. that changed it all…
It was 4-2….. She had totally won my heart…
I asked her about commitment part… She just said, “I am very serious!”
That was final whistle!

I lost it… but respect for my opponent was increased to a very huge extent…

I have promised myself a few things…. Though I have lost it…. Its my promise I won’t let it come into our friendship! neither will I stop helping her or doing anything that makes her smile…

So I see its already valentine’s day! I am alone this year too..But by the time this valentine’s morning comes, I know I have learned a lot about relationship, friendship, life and love….

I have understood that Love/relationship is just like a football game…. you come together try to score to make each other happy…

But its the only game in life that you should not play to win…. It has to be a draw!!

That is when it lasts long, When both the parties are Happy!

So Happy valentines day to her, and also to everyone! <3 :)

Another message for you….

A bit about my life…
Lets say, right now  I am on a voyage… somewhere in the deep sea… where I like it… Now you have two options. And it has to be your choice.

Either you can come with me on the voyage or wait for me at the shore. I won’t mind any as far as you promise to stay there with me or stay waiting for me.

Because if you come on the adventure, It will be like a driving force for me. On the other hand if you decide to wait, you will be reason for me, to beat all the odds and come back.

But part of me doesn’t want you on the voyage as I don’t want you to go through all the bad things that might happen to me and don’t want you to see me in bad conditions. but a part also doesn’t want you to wait on the shore as waiting might kill me and I am also afraid you might find a better and charming sailor before I return…

But this voyage is important for me as at the moment I don’t have a single thing that makes me a right guy for not just you but anyone… I would like to earn that something. So I can understand why you aren’t at all impressed by me at the moment…

So just make your choice… :-)

This Sherlock episode (S3e2) was funniest of all… Caused a lot of laughter and pain (only for me due to mouth ulcer)….
Day by day I am getting more and more ‘SHER’locked….
This time they have added a lot of Humor quite successfully…

Now apart from all the funny and Awesome story parts I have understood something…
Bit emotional (So If you don’t like those things, stop here)…

This one is to all my close friends and their future partners,

Though We don’t have best man and his speeches in India (Thank God!) ;)

But This one is for future reference,

If I meet any of my current friend’s life partners in future and We are still as great friends as we are at the moment…

All I would tell their partners is…

You have found an amazing partner… If they can stay friends with me for so long patiently listening to all the bullshit I talk / Write…. All the crazy dramas I face in life and somehow include them in it…
All the crazy ideas and plans I make…. And I am not even close to sherlock (Having sherlock instead of me would be a better option)…
So even after all these crazy things if they have patiently been my friends so far, Then I can guarantee you they will be always there with you….

So This is my very crazy and odd attempt at thanking my friends…. You guys are what makes my life enjoyable…. Cheers!!!

And don’t worry I won’t make an actual speech like this… I am not good at it… Will just mail this… :P


I already feel like its samba time……!!!

The Groups for the FIFA World Cup 2014 have been drawn!

Group A : Brazil Croatia Mexico Cameron 
Group B : Spain Netherlands Chile Australia
Group C : Columbia Greece Ivory Coast Japan 
Group D : Uruguay Costa Rica England Italy
Group E : Switzerland Ecuador France Honduras
Group F : Argentina Bosnia Iran Nigeria 
Group G : Germany Portugal Ghana USA 
Group H : Belgium Algeria Russia South Korea

Overall an Interesting Draw!
The world cup is going to be as Interesting as it could be!

Now few of my Favorites :

Best group : Group D

It is going to be fun to watch England, Italy, Uruguay fighting for the spot in round of 16.

Rooney Vs Suarez, The battle from EPL will continue in WC as well…
My love for england makes tis one special for me!

Toughest group : Group B / Group G

Spain, Netherlands, Chile are all good teams… Its hard to pick 2 and write off remaining! Like in Euros Portugal threw Netherlands out in group stage I feel Chile have the potential to do similar miracles and Netherlands have an amazing squad on paper but their lack of team spirit was visible in Euro.

Group G which Consists of Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA… is my second contender for group of death Germany looks to have a reserved seat in Round of 16s… BUT Writing off Portugal and Ghana will be a foolish mistake… Both have performed well in World Cups! And about USA, the only advantage I can see (after long thinking) is same time zone… not really an advantage..

So Its gonna be hard to call one group a group of death.. Groups B, D, G all are interesting!

Easiest group : Group F

Even a nob can tell this! Maybe Argentines should just come after the group stage is over!
Only team I can see challenging them to a little extent is Nigeria… African super power (In football)..
Iran… No chance, Bosnia… well Dzeko is all I know about this country!

Most unpredictable group : Group C

Most unpredictable means apart from strong ones… as they have been discussed earlier!
Honestly, Have not seen these teams playing that much… But considering earlier World cups! I say Japan and Ivory coast should go though but Greece are always the underdogs!

Now Little talk about My Favorite teams :

1. #England : Because Some feelings are out of control.

I follow English Football for long time. My interaction with English football enthusiasts, My knowledge is more than any other country (Even my own country)… So this has created an emotional bond with this country, rather its football… So no matter how bad they play, how much my mind tells me that their chances f winning are as slim as India qualifying for world cup… My heart will want them to win…. and will enjoy their every goal… The Manchester United factor also plays a role in my love for 3 lions!

2. #Germany : Because Sometimes Its hard to hide love for someone

What do I need to say about Nationalmannschaft and their attractive football and their glorious History (In football)?
Just like England I have an emotional bond with Germany, but this one is more deeper and recently more intense! Not only because I learn German but I also have good friends there and have some more connections with the country like it is the first European country I was introduced to, The first European souvenir I own is German…  Due to a quiz I have read a lot about the country and of course I can speak German to a fine extent…And I always loved their team… but so far never accepted I love them and they always remained my no. 2… But looking at the knowledge I am gaining about the country, I guess By 2014 I will be totally germanized (football point of view)..
so for this WC I guess I will be screaming Germany! Germany!! Germany!!!

3. #Belgium : Because Sometimes you have to accept and appreciate something is beautiful

About the Belgian Red Devils, This time, The reason is completely footballing reason…
The squad they have is simply amazing.. The golden generation of Belgium as they call it!
Though the team has no serious history at international level, They are the team to look for in this WC…

4. #Spain : Because its hard to forget past.

Spain…. Current World Champions, Current European Champions, Confederation cup runner ups!
Only fools will make the sin of keeping them out of contender’s list for WC.
The team is still strong and young… perfect mix of youth and experience and overflowing talent!
Last world cup, I was rooting for Spain and they made my birthday special by winning the WC on the night of my birthday! Amazing memories!

So these are my favorites!

Now little bit of predictions!

Round of 16 probables according to me :

Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Chile*, Ivory Coast, Japan, Uruguay, England*, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Nigeria, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, South Korea

(*) – Doubtful

Matches to Watch in group stage : 

As the world cup is in the other half of the world, watching all games is not possible for indians like me…

So here is “my Not to miss” list : 

Brazil Vs Mexico

Spain Vs Netherlands

Netherlands Vs Chile

Uruguay Vs England

England Vs Italy

Italy Vs Uruguay

England Vs Costa Rica

Germany Vs Portugal

Belgium (at least 1 game)

Now What I hope :

Nationalmannschaft Should win this world cup because they deserve it!

England should reach round of 16 just to piss all the critics off!

Ronaldo should out perform Messi to win olden ball… because I would like to see that!

And we all get to witness a tough competition for the title of world Champion!

So summarizing this Final Predictions :

Winners : Germany

Runner Ups : Brazil

Golden Ball : Christiano Ronaldo

Golden Boot : Neymar

Golden Glove : Manuel Neuer

Lets see if my psychic powers still work….  ;)


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